ReImagineering your next cloud partner.

Blazeclan started out as born-in-cloud, cloud managed services provider based out of Pune in 2001. With a vision of becoming a global leader in Cloud Consultancy through thier invaluable and trustworthy customer service and experience.

What was needed with this new bold, dynamic identity system is a bold symbol. While it had to be bold, it was to be simple, replicable and distinct. While we did various iterations, we kept going back to a form, most dynamic in it shape!

From a basic building block, the identity takes various shapes that communicates not just the dynamism of Blazeclan but everything else that we stand for!

The basic card of our logo forms the building block of our identity, this can be further utilized to form intricate shapes that helps us to communicate more than just our identity.

The website had to be redesigned; to be aligned with the new branding identity. The Dynamic element was also a foundational principle in designing the UI.

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